1663109564 Long awaited Sonos Sub Mini finally on sale next month

Long-awaited Sonos Sub Mini finally on sale next month

The wait for an affordable subwoofer could hardly be longer, but Sonos proves today that patience is a virtue. The company announced the new Sub Mini that you can order as early as next month.

The Sub Mini is Sonos’ first subwoofer that can serve as a good alternative to the Sub. That model has been available for some time and will cost you a whopping 849 euros.

The new Sonos Sub Mini

After Sonos launched the Beam (Gen 2) and Ray, the company now comes out with a new subwoofer. The Sub Mini is said to be the new standard in the category for powerful, balanced bass. Whether that is actually the case, practice will have to tell us.

In theory, by the way, it does look very good. The tiny Sonos Sub Mini features two dedicated woofers and advanced processing for deep bass without any vibration or buzz. It achieves the low frequencies of a larger subwoofer despite its size, making it ideal for consumers with limited space or a smaller budget.

Sonos Sub Mini, Sonos, Subwoofer(Image: Sonos)

It is, however, a product that is especially interesting for consumers who, for example, already have a Sonos Beam (Gen 2) or Ray. If you don’t have one of these in your home, then it is of course also good to combine with the popular Sonos One.

For more information on the subwoofer’s specifications, we’ll lovingly refer you to Sonos’ website.

Vibrating floors for a lower price tag

Good. The Sonos Sub Mini is a subwoofer with a small size and impressive quality. That’s how the company sells the device that can be snapped up starting at 499 euros in both black and white.

Placing an order immediately is possible, but delivery is still some time away. Consumers have to be patient until October 6, 2022. But then again, if you have already waited ten years for such a product, those few weeks will do.

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