Major update brings completely new experience to Reddit app Apollo

Major update brings completely new experience to Reddit app Apollo

If you’re an iOS user who regularly visits Reddit, then you may already be familiar with another app that you can use for this purpose. We’re talking about an app called Apollo, which cleans up the experience of the large forum a bit. The latest version of the app throws the notification experience completely out of whack.

For example, the Reddit app Apollo now offers customizable subreddit watchers. Those watchers will notify you when content appears in one of the subreddits that you might be interested in. In addition, you get notifications when posts become trending in the subreddits you already follow on the giant platform.

Apollo for Reddit receives update

Do you ever use a Remind Me bot on Reddit? Then you’ll be fine within Apollo, too. You can schedule a notification for a post you want to visit again in the future. Furthermore, the notifications of your personal inbox will be overhauled and you’ll get access to new notification sounds.

Apollo 1.13 is NOW AVAILABLE! 🥳 I’m so excited about this update, it introduces some really incredible additions to notifications, with custom subreddit watchers, trending posts, reminders, and more. Plus the best icon additions ever. PLUS new features and bug fixes! 🎉🎊🎺 from apolloapp

Users can also choose from ten new icons. Finally, the app’s creator is making many small changes, a few of which we’ll highlight. These changes should make the app work better behind the scenes, but there are also useful options for users among them.

Some, small changes in a row

For example, the app should prevent videos from being a bit blurry at first. Also, you can immediately hide the media controls the moment you watch a video. In addition, albums and other media should load much faster within the Apollo app for Reddit. All in all, pleasant changes, then.

Want to read more about the changes for the popular app? Or are you curious about what else the app can do? Visit the subreddit for Apollo created by its creator. If you don’t know the app yet, this is a good time to get acquainted with it.

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