WhatsApp users can finally respond to messages with Emoji

Making plans with your friends? WhatsApp makes it easy!

When you want to make appointments with your friends you usually do it through WhatsApp. Often that is a mess, but that is coming to an end.

Welcome to the wonderful world of group apps. Everyone has some chats via WhatsApp where you talk to several people at once. That could be your friends group, the neighborhood app, or a place to organize a family weekend. Still, it can sometimes be very cluttered, especially when you want to plan something. Fortunately, there now seems to be a solution for that.

Polls in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is now testing a special feature in its latest beta version on iOS that you may know from other social media. It seems to be working on polls, reports WaBetaInfo. This feature is already present in major competitor Telegram, and Twitter and Facebook also have this capability.

The word poll, of course, says it all. You can enter a question in the beta version of WhatsApp and fill in different answers. The other members in the group chat can then vote which they think is the best option.

A poll is, of course, an ideal means of gauging the opinion of a group. For example, you can ask what everyone wants to eat or when you want to plan a group outing. Or you can use it for important life questions like: fries or French fries?

Making plans with your friends WhatsApp makes it easyFries or fries? (Image: WABetaInfo)

With this feature in WhatsApp, you don’t have to sift through all the different answers and have a clear overview at once. It is still unclear whether only an administrator of the chat can start a poll, or whether other members in the group can do so as well.

Still only in beta

The feature is only in beta version for now. That means that it is not in the regular versions of WhatsApp. The service does this to test whether it is an addition and whether everything works properly. By the way, this process can still take a fairly long time.