1704289145 Mario Kart legally moves from Nintendo Switch to Dutch roads

Mario Kart legally moves from Nintendo Switch to Dutch roads

Those who love Mario Kart may want to put their Nintendo Switch away for a few moments. You see, there is a way to play the game, completely legally, on public roads.

There are many impressive things our Autovisie colleagues have done, but editor Stijn Kuster watching Mario Kart tear across the road at full throttle takes the crown.

Meet the Kreidler S.M.C F Kart 100: a spicy goodie you can get for less than 7500 euros.

No Nintendo Switch, but Mario Kart on the road

We’ve already seen this happen a few times abroad, but now Mario Kart is also making the move from the Nintendo Switch to public roads in the Netherlands. Up to a point, of course, because throwing bananas and turtles is still not appreciated.

Stijn Kuster, editor of Autovisie, introduces us to the Kreidler S.M.C. F Kart 100. This amazing Go-kart is equipped with a powerful 14 hp gasoline engine, weighs only 136 kilograms and features a CVT transmission.

But most importantly, it is great to see this Mario Kart vehicle tearing around the public roads.

So is such a Go-kart legal in the Netherlands?

Yes, we live in a country where even simple things like an electric scooter are illegal, but where you can tear across the road in a Go-kart with peace of mind. Still, Kreidler really had to go to some lengths for this.

Indeed, the S.M.C. F Kart 100 has an L7e license plate, which can be called quite impressive. The list of requirements for approval is agonizingly long and extremely difficult to meet with a Go-kart.

So those willing to trade in Mario Kart on the Nintendo Switch for a version on public roads are really getting a full-fledged vehicle underneath. You drive down the road fully equipped with a seat belt, mirrors, turn signals, brake lights and regular lights.

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