Marshall Emberton II stylish powerful and damn convenient

Marshall Emberton II: stylish, powerful and damn convenient

Marshall’s speakers are known for their unique style, in which you can clearly see that the company specializes in amplifiers. In Marshall’s catalog, the Emberton series stands out because these speakers are extra small, so you can easily take them anywhere.

This year Marshall released the second speaker in the series. The new device, not very surprisingly named Marshall Emberton II, offers several improvements over its predecessor. You definitely don’t want to miss this delightful speaker on a balmy summer evening!

Meet the Marshall Emberton II

Indeed, the original Emberton was seen by experts as a handy little device, but its sound quality and battery life were quite disappointing. The portable speaker therefore did not come close to its competitors. This may change with the Emberton II.

Marshall EmbertonThe original Emberton (Image: Marshall)

The small speaker is incredibly powerful for its size. A completely new design, with black brass details and silicone cover, gives the little device a stylish look. The Marshall outdoor speaker also comes with 10 hours more play time than its predecessor, so you can listen for over 30 hours. The new generation has a stack mode, so you can easily connect the speaker with other Emberton IIs. Perhaps best of all is the addition of app support, giving you more control over the quality of the sound.

Sound from all angles

To make the listening experience even better, Marshall has added absolute 360° sound with the help of True Stereophonic. This is a unique form of multidirectional sound from Marshall, allowing you to listen to music in optimal quality from any angle. By separating the spatial content of stereo recordings, Emberton II produces a sound that sounds much larger than its own size.

Marshall Emberton IIEmberton II (Image: Marshall)

Whether the speaker will be among the top performers in its category this time around remains to be seen. After all, Samsung launched a great portable speaker earlier this year. Check it out in this article!

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