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Meet Communities: the biggest WhatsApp update in ages

Mark Zuckerberg, the big man behind platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, has announced a new WhatsApp update. The popular iOS and Android app, which is part of the same company, is being taken to the next level.

It’s not often that Zuckerberg himself announces an update, but last night’s announcement certainly wasn’t small. This not only introduces us to communities, but also makes it possible to start a video conversation with many more people.

WhatsApp takes iOS and Android app to next level

Those eager to get started with the new features, by the way, will have to be patient. Meta, the company behind Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, informs that a feature like Communities will appear in the coming months. Both on iOS, as well as Android and PC.

WhatsApp, iOS, Android(Image: Meta)

Anyway, what exactly can you do with that feature and what else can we expect. A small overview:

Communities on WhatsApp

Communities is a functionality we are not encountering for the first time. Back in April this year, we were introduced to the feature that makes WhatsApp an easy business tool after all.

Thanks to the feature, it is possible to better divide your groups and use them more effectively. It is possible to provide one general group with sub-groups so that you can target the right people for certain things. Something best compared to applications such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.

WhatsApp, iOS, Android(Image: Meta)

“It makes groups better,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed. “It does that using sub-groups, different threads, announcement channels and a whole lot more.” All with the protection of the beloved end-to-end encryption, of course.

Leipe group conversations on iOS and Android

It doesn’t stop there, by the way. Thanks to the arrival of Communities, WhatsApp gives its users the ability to video call with more people as well. As of the new update, it is possible to have a conversation with 32 people via iOS and Android.

By the way, anyone who thinks this is already going to cause chaos had better close their eyes for the next part. Group conversations, as of the time WhatsApp releases the update, can consist of as many as 1024 participants.

WhatsApp, iOS, Android(Image: Meta)

All additions are part of Communities. The WhatsApp functionality will be released in the coming months, worldwide, for iOS and Android.

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