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Microsoft Teams now gets its own Facebook clone

Microsoft Teams has taken a very close look at Facebook. It now comes up with a new social medium for users.

Chances are you use Microsoft Teams to communicate with your colleagues. The program is ideal for discussing the latest goings on and holding meetings with your team. Soon you’ll be able to do even more with it. It will now have its own social medium. One that looks a lot like Facebook.

Viva Engage in Microsoft Teams

Meet Viva Engage, the new social medium on Microsoft Team. Actually, it’s the spiritual successor to Yammer Communities. That was a platform where business users could create a community. With Viva Engage, this becomes possible again and it was more comprehensive.

Viva Engage in Microsoft Teams has the look of Facebook, but that’s not the only thing where it has looked closely at Meta. There will also be a special Stories button where users can share photos and videos. By the way, these will be at the top of the medium just like Facebook. However, they will not disappear after 24 hours as is the case with the other medium.

Yammer then?

Viva Engage is going to be available on all the platforms that you can view Microsoft Teams on. So it will be available in addition to the web version, or on the computer, just admire it in the app.

Yammer will still exist and will also become a part in Viva Engage. So content that you post on one platform is shared on the other. Microsoft acquired the service 10 years ago for 1.2 billion euros.

Microsoft is busy continuing to improve Teams. This year, for example, it has fixed one of the service’s biggest annoyances. Microsoft Teams now gives users the ability to decide where downloaded files end up. By the way, this only applies to the desktop version of the service. You can read more about it here.

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