Microsoft Teams puts an end to unnecessary headaches for users

Microsoft Teams puts an end to unnecessary headaches for users

Do you ever use apps within Microsoft Teams? Then you know that experience is suboptimal. Microsoft also knows that this can be improved. Therefore, the American company is now working on an update that should improve things. Finding and using apps should be a lot better in the future than it is now.

Many people know Microsoft Teams as a program for meetings and collaboration. But within the program you can use all kinds of apps, from Microsoft or third parties. This way you broaden the possibilities of the popular app, which is available on computers and smartphones.

Update for Microsoft Teams

That Microsoft is now working on an update for Microsoft Teams is evident from the Microsoft 365 Roadmap. An update will soon be released that will make it easier to find apps that you use often. The team behind the app wants to accomplish this by simply offering a drop-down menu within the app.

Microsoft TeamsMicrosoft Teams illustration. (Image: Microsoft)

In addition, a single mention (a name beginning with an @ sign) should allow you to effortlessly add a bot to a chat. By the way, after updating, you don’t have to reinstall your favorite apps. You install such an app once and from that moment on it is available everywhere within Teams.

Easier login and logout

Incidentally, in a separate blog post, Microsoft explains that it will be easier to log in and out for users on iOS. This should be particularly useful for people in, say, the healthcare industry. When they share some devices at work for internal communication, everyone can use their own account without too much hassle.

The first update should be available later this month for anyone using Microsoft Teams. The second update is not expected until sometime in June. In both cases, the updates will appear worldwide, so we won’t have to wait for our turn.