Wait a minute is your AirTag allowed on the plane

Mighty app is must-have for traveling iPhone 14 Pro (Max) owners

With an iPhone 14 Pro (Max) in your pocket and iOS 16 on board, you would do well to give Flightly a try. This is an app for people who often travel by plane and want to keep their data handy. The app is getting an update this week, making it even more convenient for our frequent flyers.

The app already supported the Live Activities feature on iOS 16.1, so then certain data is always on the locked screen. But if you have an iPhone 14 Pro (Max), those are also in the Dynamic Island. Holding that island for a moment gives you more information as Live Activities.

Flightly makes good use of iPhone 14 Pro

When you use Flightly, you get to see your flight details three hours before departure. If anything changes then (think a delay or gate change), you’ll know about it right away. Of course, you’ll also find all that information just inside the app when you decide to open it.

Twitter is not loading because you didn’t give permission.

Everyone’s asking how @FlightyApp’s Airplane Mode works:

1. Plane WiFi allows iMessage
2. Guess what else uses that protocol? new Live Activities
3. So, send LA updates (max 4kb payload!) and have app load *that* data

Presto! The app updates via Live Activities 😎

– by @ifrins pic.twitter.com/oThVYDBna7

– Ryan Jones (@rjonesy) November 21, 2022

If you don’t have internet at your disposal, the app may be able to tell you if there are updates based on estimated data. And when you pay for full Wi-Fi access on the plane, the app just updates as normal. But so now there is an update that presents a handy trick.

Even in airplane mode

As of now, Flightly can actually pull in data on your iPhone 14 Pro when your phone is in airplane mode. You then have to use the free Wi-Fi option (meant for sending messages), but that’s all it is. So even on that slow connection, live updates are possible.

This works particularly well for flights in the United States, where free wifi is available. But it may work elsewhere as well; in any case, it’s worth a try. Also, Flightly Pro is completely free to use on November 22 and 23; those are two incredibly busy flying days in the US.

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