1672109024 Much discussed iPhone feature now available on your Windows PC

Much-discussed iPhone feature now available on your Windows PC

Nope, the iPhone 14 Pro series is not the only one with a Dynamic Island. In fact, this handy iPhone feature can also be used on your Windows PC, albeit with a slight detour. We explain how to get it done.

Dynamic Island is perhaps the most talked about feature of the iPhone this year. In it, Apple innovatively uses the space on your smartphone to display notifications. The handy feature is now available for download on your Windows PC. How? That’s what WANT editor Sabine tells you step by step.

Dynamic Island: from iPhone to Windows

To bring Dynamic Island to your Windows PC, you need the program XWidget. Please note that it is not an official feature, but one created by an external developer. Download the files from XWidget’s site. Unzip the downloaded zip files and install the program on your PC by following the instructions.

Now open XWidget on your Windows PC. A number of widgets will appear on your desktop. Grab the XWidgets Gallery and look for Desktop Dynamic Island by developer Jimking. If necessary, right-click on a widget to close it.

Desktop Dynamic Island XWidget by JimkingThe Dynamic Island for Windows and some other widgets. (Image: Jimking)

Download and enjoy

Scroll down the Desktop Dynamic Island page and click Download. Once installed, the pill-shaped feature you know from the iPhone 14 Pro will appear on your Windows screen. Close the other widgets and drag the Dynamic Island to the middle of the top of your screen (or another location of your choice).

Right-click on the Dynamic Island to bring up various settings. From now on, the black pill will keep you informed of your calendar, time, weather, battery percentage and much more. You can even use it to control music and easily shut down your Windows PC.