1657225093 Much needed update appears for popular Sonos Ray soundbar

Much-needed update appears for popular Sonos Ray soundbar

If you’re looking for a fine (budget) soundbar, you might consider the Sonos Ray. But the product does have an annoying problem, for which an update has now appeared. Perhaps this will help in tying the knot; because this is exactly what the compact Ray needed to survive.

The market for cheaper soundbars is pretty saturated. Big and small players try to win you over with their own products, which are becoming more and more similar. Cheaper soundbars often meet minimal requirements, but can nevertheless be a great choice. Sonos is now clearly showing that.

Update for Sonos Ray

The Ray soundbar has indeed received an update from the audio company. This is because some people used to hear a weird buzzing sound when the soundbar played a bass layer. Not every model suffers from this, but the problem was big enough for Sonos to release an update for it, anyway.

1657225093 652 Much needed update appears for popular Sonos Ray soundbarBudget soundbar now even better (Image: Sonos)

So if you have a Sonos Ray under the TV at home, quickly download the appropriate firmware update. And if you’ve been hesitating about buying the soundbar, this update might be the deciding factor. The device’s irritating problem has potentially disappeared from the face of the earth.

So what exactly was the problem?

Sonos informs us that the problem (sometimes) occurred when the speaker wanted to play sounds at a frequency of 55 Hertz. Because of the design, this puts you right in touch with the sonic frequency of the bass port, and that can cause some sort of puffing. Basically, large amounts of air were passing through the port when they were not supposed to.

The company has now adjusted the lower frequencies, so (if all goes well) the problem is no longer present. Let’s hope it stays that way. Because to immediately buy a Sonos Sub (for 749 euros) while you wanted to watch out for the small stuff, is a bit excessive…

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