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Netflix comes with ads, but how much should you pay for them?

It is now clear that Netflix will soon be breaking its promise. The streaming service that would never come with advertising is coming with advertising. But how much will that save you on a monthly basis?

A while ago, the company announced that consumers can get by with a cheaper subscription. They’ll get almost the same functionality for those who pay full price, but with some breaks within the content. How much that subscription costs, that seems to be clear now.

Netflix, but with advertising

Things are not going well for Netflix. At the beginning of this year, for the first time in a decade, it was struggling with a significant loss of subscribers. Something that is the result of growing competition and, as the company itself says, people sharing their subscriptions. Given that this has been the case for years, the latter probably falls by the wayside, but the former is certainly a good reason.

Competitors like Disney+ and HBO Max, with a solid offering and an attractive price, know how to entice more and more viewers. So in that respect, it’s high time for the streaming service to take action.

Netflix, HBO Max, House of the DragonHBO Max scores with House of the Dragon (Image: HBO)

In its early days, when Netflix easily dominated the market, the company made a promise. There would be no commercials on Netflix. Not now, not ever. Unfortunately, this is something it will have to come back to in 2022. The streaming service is coming out with a cheaper subscription that features advertising. So enjoy a nice episode of Stranger Things, but know that there may be a brief interruption here and there.

How much will it cost you per month?

The one thing Netflix didn’t share with the world so far was the benefit you grab as a consumer. So we know that there will be a cheaper subscription, but how much it will cost you per month is not yet clear. At least, wasn’t clear yet. Indeed, the folks at Bloomberg think they have the answer.

The popular, and mostly reliable, website shared the new prices with its audience. It did so before the weekend, but we didn’t want to keep it from you anyway. According to Bloomberg, Netflix is introducing a subscription with advertising priced between $7 and $9 per month. About half of the Standard subscription that costs $15.50, in other words.

In the Netherlands, this subscription will cost you 11.99 euros per month. That would mean that such a subscription would cost you about 5.99 euros. Don’t pin me down on it, but the chances that this is the right price seem high to me. In any case, keep in mind the price between 4.99 euros and 6.99 euros.

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