Never bother with ads on YouTube again thanks to these

Never bother with ads on YouTube again thanks to these iPhone apps

Thanks to the growth of the online world, many websites, games and streaming services have found a new way to generate revenue. And that too in a very annoying way: free ads. The annoying pop-ups seem unavoidable on platforms like YouTube, but fortunately there are apps for your iPhone that offer a way out….

The so-called “adblockers” implement small pieces of software in your browser that prevent the YouTube ad from loading. That way, you can watch your favorite series or play iPhone games without being disturbed.

The best YouTube adblockers for your iPhone

Now you’re probably wondering: which app should I have? Leave that to your friends at One More Thing. We have selected 3 iPhone apps that can block any YouTube ad or pop-up without any problem.

1. TotalAdblock

This app is a must have if you are done with ads. TotalAdblock blocks free advertisements you encounter on websites such as YouTube and Instagram. By eliminating the ads from loading, the websites also become a lot faster.

In addition, TotalAdblock can block websites that spread malware. Although the basic program of this iPhone app is free, you have to buy an annual subscription to get access to all the premium features.

Download the app here

2. 1Blocker

This web extension is powerful as well as unique. It is one of the few tools against free advertising created specifically for iPhone and Safari users. Thus, the extension cannot be used in any browser other than Safari. Blocking ads and cookies is a snap.

All you have to do is check the boxes with what kind of content you want to block. 1Blocker comes in two varieties – and you probably guessed it: free and paid. The paid version offers total firewall protection against in-app trackers, a whitelist extension and the option to sync settings between iOS devices.

Install the extension here

3. Adlock for iPhone and YouTube

This is a powerful adblocker that blocks pop-ups, autoplay ads and banners on Safari sites and apps. This iPhone app uses filters, which determine what you see on web pages. For example, you can set separate filters for pop-up images, ads and cookies. Adlock’s developers recommend using three to five filters, but you can enable more in the app’s settings.

Download the app here

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