Google makes Gmail a lot better for iPhone users

New Gmail feature makes reading emails on iPhone easier

Gmail is one of the most widely used e-mail services because of its ease of use. Soon, receiving an email will become even simpler with a new feature coming to iPhones.

If you use Gmail on your iPhone or using it, you will soon see a new feature appear. This feature is going to make receiving emails even easier as a translation feature is coming.


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Gmail on iPhone gets translation feature

You probably regularly receive emails in other languages, especially English, because you may be using English-language apps or websites. If you have some trouble understanding everything, Google is going to help you with that by offering a handy translation feature.

This translation feature had been available for some time when you sent emails through Gmail in the browser, but Google is now bringing the feature to iPhone as well.

Here’s how it works

As of now, Google is rolling out the feature. This means that in Gmail you can translate emails from more than 100 languages. All you have to do for this is to press the banner located between the sender and the email.

This, of course, saves quite a bit of work. Previously, you had to copy your e-mail on iPhone and throw it through a translation app. That can be done, of course, but is quite cumbersome.

Gmail on iPhone makes receiving emails even simplerVery simple (Image: Google)

However, do you find the feature distracting and cumbersome? Then you can also simply turn it off again. To do so, you need to go to the Settings in the Gmail menu. There you can also simply disable the option. Of course, it can also be reactivated via the same setting.

The feature is coming to Android first. The rollout will take about 15 days. On Aug. 21, it will also be the turn of iPhone users.

More features to help you

This is certainly not the only feature that makes Gmail much easier on iPhones. For example, it is also easy to undo a wrong email after you have already pressed send. This is easily reversed for a short time. Useful if you realize just too late that there is an error in the email.

Are you actually experiencing a lot of spam in Gmail on iOS? This is easy to prevent. How exactly to do that, we have described for you in this article.

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