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NFT on Spotify: will the hype soon take over the streaming service?

Spotify is currently running a brand new test that will allow certain users to promote their NFTs through the popular streaming service. These are artists who can do this through their personal artist page. Only a handful of Android users in the United States are participating in this test.

A representative from the company confirmed the trial to the editors of CNET, among others. “Spotify is running a test that will allow a small group of artists to promote their existing NFTs through third parties.” It’s not like you can buy these NFTs directly within the music streaming service.

Spotify bets on NFT

Spotify itself chose a number of artists who can make use of the brand new functionality. Listeners in the test group will be able to view the NFTs on the artist pages in the form of a preview. If they want to know more about the NFT, or buy one, the app refers them to external parties.

NFTNFT (Image: Pixabay)

By the way, the music streaming service – at the moment – does not charge anything for using the feature. The reason the company is investing in this now is quite simple: Spotify wants to deepen the connection between the artist and listener. In addition, the service often receives requests from the industry to implement this.

Not the only one at the moment

Of course, Spotify is not the only digital company investing in NFTs. For example, people with a Twitter Blue subscription can set NFTs as their profile picture. Instagram is also testing how digital products work on its platform. In the future, we will undoubtedly see more of the so-called non-fungible tokens.

NFTs, freely translated as non-substitutable property contracts, is a link on a blockchain of an account to a unique digital item, through a smart contract. That item can be anything. Think art, audio or video, or whatever creative work you like.

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