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Of course, Google is also going to work on an AR headset

According to sources familiar with Google’s internal projects, the search giant is working on its own AR glasses. AR stands for augmented reality. When you put on and activate AR glasses, they place a layer on top of reality. Meta is also working on such glasses and so is Apple, reportedly.

Internally, the glasses are referred to as Project Iris, and there are hopes that they will come out in 2024. Google’s glasses have two cameras facing outward, allowing it to combine computer graphics with a feed from the real world. That should create an immersive mixed reality experience.

AR glasses from Google

Mixed reality is slightly different from augmented reality, but in both cases layers from the digital and real worlds are fused together. The first prototype of Google’s glasses looks like ski goggles. For now, those glasses do not require an external power source. In addition, a custom processor is present.

Google AppleGoogle (Image: Google & Pexels / Edit: OMT)

For now, the hardware runs on Android. But in the meantime, Google is looking for people who can help develop a unique operating system. Because the glasses need to remain compact, the hardware available is thus limited. Therefore, the company wants to use external data centers to generate graphics. This is done via the Internet, which means that you must always have a connection.

Project of 300 people

Behind the scenes, a team of over three hundred people is working on the augmented reality glasses and the plan is to hire hundreds more. Employees who participate in this must sign nda’s. The person in charge of this team is Clay Bavor, who is also in charge of Starline.

Should Project Starline be some sort of harbinger of what Project Iris may become, we have something great to look forward to. With Starline, Google projects a person right in front of you during a video call. The people who tested this technology say they have never experienced anything so impressive.

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