On this spectacular social media network you only see beautiful

On this spectacular social media network, you only see beautiful shit

Everyone is glued to their smartphones thanks to social media. We are flooded with quick videos, memes and life-hacks all day long. This new platform actually wants us to take a closer look at nature.

On social media channels, such as Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, you already see many beautiful images from nature. Those photos or videos are beautiful, but often edited with a tight filter or an appropriate lighting effect. It’s still a bit disappointing when you’re there in real life.

A new platform created for and by traditional tribes from Canada, shows nature precisely in its most epic and “real” form. The images are not only great to look at, but may be the solution to climate change.

A social media network full of nature

The idea for this particular social network came not from a wealthy American, but from a group of eskimos and hunters from Sanikiluaq, a small town in Canada’s Belcher Islands. They were looking for a way to document and understand sea ice changes in Hudson Bay. Together with the Arctic Eider Society, they developed a Web platform called SIKU.

This website allowed hunters to share photos and videos and exchange knowledge. Since 2015, they used the platform to record data on water temperature, salinity and animal sightings. In this way, they had a better picture of the effects of climate change on the ecosystem.

Over the years, SIKU found a new purpose. The social media network wants to share knowledge with young people who often have their noses in their smartphones. In 2019, SIKU was relaunched as a full-fledged social network: a platform where members can post photos and messages about wildlife sightings, hunting parties, sea ice conditions and more.

As of early 2024, more than 25,000 people have managed to find the new platform. And more than 75,000 posts have been made, featuring the most epic images from nature and native culture.

Connecting with indigenous tribes

The social media network is used a lot by the indigenous people of Canada. This is not surprising, of course, because there is an enormous amount of nature to admire there. But this takes some getting used to for the people themselves.

Lucassie Arragutainaq, co-founder of the Arctic Eider Society, told Hakai Magazine that the people traditionally only exchange information verbally. “We have lived in the area for centuries. We know a lot about all the wildlife.”

Thanks to SIKU, this information is now documented in a way that everyone can understand. Thus, even scientists from society can use the knowledge of the indigenous inhabitants.

The app has even more to offer

The new social media platform not only lets you see the most beautiful images from nature, but also teaches you how to survive. The app is equipped with useful tools for surviving in cold areas, including weather reports, sea ice forecasts and safety information.


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Hunters and harvesters can use their phone’s GPS to track their routes and locate their shots. It is also possible to check harvest rates so hunters can adjust their hunts accordingly.

SIKU is a network that is very useful to both indigenous people and modern civilization. The app is used by both groups, and makes cooperation a lot easier.

In fact, SIKU is currently being used to guide the Qikiqtait Protected Area. This is an area specifically designated to preserve its natural environment and biodiversity. So the app is not only great to look at, but also very useful.

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