Philips Hue on sale during Black Friday these are the

Philips Hue bulbs significantly more expensive starting next year

Are you planning to purchase Philips Hue bulbs? Then you better not wait too long, because a number of products will soon become considerably more expensive.

Philips Hue is the system to add extra atmosphere to your home. You can adjust the smart lighting exactly how you want. For example, during Christmas dinner you choose very romantic light, while for a movie night you make the house look like an atmospheric cinema.

Philips Hue gets more expensive

The possibilities with Philips Hue are endless, and of course you pay for them. Therefore, the bulbs are certainly not cheap. Occasionally there are promotions where you can score the bulbs cheaper, but sometimes the prices are actually raised. Coming soon, reports Hueblog.

Philips Hue last raised prices in January 2021. Then it was the turn of outdoor lighting. Now almost all products seem to be increasing in price. To be precise, this will happen in February 2023. In doing so, the company is following the general trend. Many companies in all kinds of sectors are now raising their prices because of the economic situation.

Exactly which products will receive a price increase and which will escape the dance is still the big question. Still, we can assume that it will be most obvious with the larger and therefore more expensive products. So if you want a Gradient Signe floor lamp, you better be quick.

Philips Hue GU10Nice and cozy. (Image: Signify)

Take advantage of these discounts quickly

Fortunately, a number of Philips Hue products are now cheaper than usual. For example, the regular Signe Floor Lamp is currently 28 percent cheaper. The Signe Table Lamp is also a lot cheaper than normal. You get 19 percent off on that right now.

Want to get started with Philips Hue? Then it’s best to buy a starter kit including Bridge. With the latter you can easily control all your lights. Normally the kit costs 113 euros, but now you pay 70.99 euros for it. So an ideal time to buy it, since prices will rise.

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