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Philips Hue helps you get through the day with new feature

Philips Hue put your home in the right mood when you’re having a romantic evening, for example, or watching a movie. Yet it can also help you get up and relax during the day. Now finally comes a feature that helps you with the latter.

Philips Hue has released a new version for its app, 4.32 to be exact. Added to the app is a feature that owners of the lamps have been looking forward to for a long time. Back in the summer, parent company Signify made an attempt, but that went awry. Now the feature is here after all, reports HueBlog.

Natural Light with Philips Hue

Philips Hue has been working on Natural Light for a long time. This feature keeps you productive throughout the day and helps you relax. So they adjust the light based on the time and situation. In the morning you start with bright light and in the evening it slowly changes to warm colors.

Still, not all Philips Hue bulbs are suitable for this new feature. For example, in addition to the Bridge and the latest version of the app, you need White Ambiance or Color Ambiance bulbs in the room where you use the feature.

Philips HueClick/tap for larger. (Image: Signify)

Here’s how it works

You enable Natural Light through the Philips Hue app. To do this, you need to create a new scene and then open it in the Hue Light Scene Gallery. There you select Natural Light and you can get started right away.

The beauty of Natural Light is that you can also customize the feature. For example, with the app you simply turn down the brightness of the lights and change the duration of a time block. However, a period must last at least 30 minutes. So this way the function suits you completely.

The Natural Light feature has been in development for a while. Philips Hue actually wanted to bring the feature out last fall, but that fell through. Then in the summer, Natural Light became available in the app, but was taken out again. So now it is here.