Philips Hue is now very affordable at Bolcom

Philips Hue is now very affordable at

Philips Hue has become indispensable to many people. It gives your home extra atmosphere because you can light up your rooms in just about every color of the rainbow. Now you can do this extra cheaply at

Philips Hue is ideal to have in your home. Still, the high price of the smart lighting makes many people ignore it. This is quite understandable, because for a starter kit you easily spend more than one hundred euros. Fortunately, today it can be much cheaper at

Philips Hue starter kit including bridge

Your friends at OMT keep an eye on the best deals for you. Of course, we do this mainly for Apple products, but we notice that you also like to have nice accessories that are not made by the Cupertino company. Think Sonos or Philips Hue, for example. is throwing the Philips Hue starter kit White Ambiance on sale. The kit includes more than just bulbs. You also get a dimmer and a bridge with it. The latter is especially important. It ensures that all the bulbs are connected to a system. Up to fifty light sources can be adjusted with a bridge. It also provides automation so that the lamps can be turned on and off at preset times.

Philips Hue starter kitThe Philips Hue starter kit including a bridge (Image: Signify)

Philips Hue features different types of bulbs. While one kind can show all colors, the other is specially made for different kinds of white light. With the set on sale, you get two of the latter kind. These are ideal for the bedroom, for example, since you have many shades of white. Cool ones for when you get up, while in the evening you are ready for warm colors.

Hugely inexpensive at

Finally, this set also includes a dimmer. This works like a normal wall switch but better. Use the smart settings to switch between different light recipes or to just simply turn the Philips Hue bulbs on and off.

Enough about what all you can do with the set. You probably already knew that and you’re especially curious about the price. Normally the set costs 119.99 euros, but only today is giving 50 percent discount. That means you can now get the Philips Hue starter kit for 59.99 euros in your home.

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