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Philips Hue more expensive in Europe, but why do we have to pay more?

Philips Hue’s Smart Home products are going to cost consumers more money. That news was announced a short time ago. Big question, however, is: why do we have to rake in more?

Philips Hue lamps are flying over the counter like hot cakes. Not only in Europe, but far beyond. Problem is, however, that this creates a skewed price ratio that Signify, the parent company, is not very happy with. So it is changing that.

More rags to riches for Philips Hue bulbs

Starting this February, Philips Hue Smart Home products will become more expensive. Not by much, as HueBlog reports a price increase of as much as 10%. This does not apply to the United States, according to a Signify spokeswoman, but it does apply outside. So, to put it nicely, Europe is the laggard.

According to the spokeswoman in question, the current value of the euro is the reason behind the price increase. It has fallen so much in comparison to, say, the dollar that the proportions are beginning to skew. With the price increase that has been announced, Signify, the company behind Philips Hue, wants to straighten things out.

Philips Hue SamsungThe TV in action. (Image: Signify)

Given current inflation, a nasty move for European consumers, but fortunately there is a “but” to the whole story.

Not all products more expensive

To get straight to the point: the 10% price increase only applies to a few product categories. The Philips Hue Outdoor range, for example, does face the increase, where the most popular products simply keep the same recommended retail price.

Smart, if you ask us. Criticism of Philips Hue often has to do with the higher asking price compared to competitors. As for Outdoor products, that criticism will only increase, but for the most popular segment, customers will remain as (un)satisfied as they are now.

Curious to see a clear overview of all the products affected by the price increase? HueBlog has conveniently listed them all for you.

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