Philips Hue significantly cheaper during Amazon Prime Day

Philips Hue significantly cheaper during Amazon Prime Day

Philips Hue is of course a wonderful way to get your home in the right mood. Fortunately, during Amazon Prime Day, you can get it even cheaper.

Today and tomorrow is Amazon Prime Day. That means you can get a lot of gadgets and other stuff a lot cheaper. One of the product groups that is subject to a hefty discount is Philips Hue.

Philips Hue on sale

Philips Hue is, of course, the ideal way to light up your home in an atmospheric way. Through the smart bulbs you can get your home and garden exactly in the colors you want. For example, do you choose a bright white environment for working at home, or do you prefer a pink or blue color during a cozy evening on the couch?

Several Philips Hue sets are now cheaper during Amazon Prime Day. Don’t have the lights yet? We get that and that’s why we’re starting with the starter kit. This is two bulbs and a bridge. You can now score these with a 28 percent discount. This set is now available for 86.10 euros. Would you prefer a smart button as well? Then you save 45 euros.

Already have the Bridge and just want some Philips Hue bulbs? These are also considerably cheaper. You now get 4 bulbs with a 30 percent discount. That means you pay 108.50 euros instead of 155 euros.

Philips Hue Amazon Prime DayYou can now score this starter set cheaper during Amazon Prime Day. (Image: Amazon)

Also spots cheaper times Amazon Prime Day

But not only the standard lamps are on offer. Also the spots of Philips Hue you score now with discount. You can choose 3 colored bulbs with 17 percent discount, or 4 white ones with 29 percent discount.

The biggest discount, however, you’ll find on the Philips Hue Fair pendant lamp. This can give you warm and cool white light and is also incredibly durable. This lamp you now score for 144.20 euros instead of 208 euros. That is a discount of 31 percent.

In addition to the Philips Hue products mentioned above, there are also a number of other variants on sale. You can find them all on this page.

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