Photoshops response to Dall E brings imposing future to life

Photoshop’s response to Dall-E brings imposing future to life

Adobe wants Photoshop to be at the forefront when it comes to new techniques related to image processing, by any means necessary. But the company probably could not have seen the popularity of text-to-image services, such as Dall-E, coming. But that doesn’t mean the company wasn’t preparing.

At the event called Adobe Max 2022, the software maker is presenting several ideas and projects that will benefit users. These include Photoshop, of course. Because as it turns out, the latest beta features a functionality called Backdrop neural filler. Right.

Photoshop enters battle with Dall-E

What can you do with this filler? Well, as with Dall-E, you can provide a description of a background, which then comes to life within the program. With that, the feature doesn’t yet come close to Dall-E and related services. But clearly Adobe is paying attention and already laying a foundation.

Photoshop Dall-EConjuring up your own backgrounds with Photoshop (Image: Adobe)

At the event, David Wadhwani, Adobe’s director of Digital Media Business, let it be known that they already have the techniques that text-to-image generators use. “But we choose not to fully implement that technology yet.” In fact, the company wants to develop it further first.

Broader approach than competitors

Ultimately, Adobe wants to take a broader approach to these kinds of services with apps like Photoshop. For example, you should be able to ask the Sensei (Adobe’s AI engine) if a program like Lightroom turns day into night. Shadows then move, and changing the weather is also already possible with today’s technology.

Before Adobe rolls out such technology en masse, the company wants to make sure that everyone can handle it properly and that everything works as it should. So it will be some time before the true power of this kind of service comes to Photoshop – but when it does, it will be magical times.

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