Pixelmator Pro the low cost Photoshop alternative gets ideal new feature

Pixelmator Pro: the low-cost Photoshop alternative gets ideal new feature

For photo editing, there is a whole slew of apps you can use for that purpose. The best known are Lightroom and Photoshop which cost you quite a bit of money. Pixelmator Pro is a good alternative and now gets an ideal feature.

Pixelmator Pro is one of the most popular photo editing apps for the Mac. Version 3.3 of this Photoshop competitor is now out, and it has a feature that will make many users happy. Namely, it now becomes even easier to adjust colors in photos and videos.

Get rid of color in Pixelmator Pro

Pixelmator Pro’s newest feature is aptly named Remove Color. The description actually says it all: it is now simple to remove a particular color from a photo or video. For example, think of shots you take for a green screen, so you can easily edit them afterwards.

Of course, you want Pixelmator Pro to do this right. You don’t want photos where pixel edges are still clearly visible. The Photoshop alternative uses a special algorithm for this.

Brightness revamped in Photoshop alternative

Incidentally, that is not the only improvement that has been made in terms of color. For example, it will now also be easier to adjust brightness and texture in Pixelmator Pro. Shadows and exposures will look even more natural in this Photoshop alternative.

Also, the new version of Pixelmator Pro is just a bit more user-friendly than the previous version. For example, there is now more choice of stroke styles. These allow you to create beautiful outlines around videos and images. In other words; it is easier to draw lines. It is also possible to add your own designs.

Finally, it becomes even easier to edit photos in JPEG and PNG. You just open and edit them in the original file format. Meanwhile, the unmodified edits and layers are just kept.

Pixelmator Pro is a cheaper alternative than Photoshop. Instead of a monthly subscription, you pay a one-time fee of $59.99.

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