TikTok clone YouTube Shorts does good business in first two

Play is a great application for the die hard YouTube user

Although YouTube offers more than enough features to keep you on the platform for a long time, some features could use an update. That’s happening right now, but that update isn’t appearing from Google. Instead, a third-party developer has now released an app that makes life easier.

YouTube already offers options for saving videos you want to watch later. But that way leaves a little to be desired, thought developer Marcos Antonio Tanaka. Tanaka released an app for iOS, iPadOS and macOS that makes saving videos a lot nicer than you’re used to.

Save YouTube videos for later

Tanaka’s app is called Play. You download it from the App Store. The app is not free, but will cost you a one-time fee of $1.99. With Play, you save YouTube videos for later, just as you would save articles in certain apps. The app doesn’t download the videos you save, so don’t assume that either.

macOS Big Sur YouTube 4K 16x9Logo (Image: Apple, editing: OMT)

So it’s not that you watch the videos offline. Instead, Play saves the URL of the video in question so that you can click on it whenever you want. You can then tag the links so that you can create a handy overview for yourself. So you can create a kind of personal database of videos.

Support for iCloud

Play additionally offers support for shortcuts, allowing you to automate some processes as well. All saved videos (or rather: URLs) are easily synchronized between your iPhone, iPad and Mac thanks to iCloud support. So you always have everything at hand when you’re looking for something.

Importing YouTube videos is also easy and can be done in different ways. You do that via the share menu or by dragging a URL. Then you can use the tags to quickly filter and sort when necessary. In addition, there is also a widget available, which allows you to watch videos at lightning speed.