1651165586 Poodle naked stylish and secure the new iPhone case from Casetify

Poodle-naked, stylish and secure: the new iPhone case from Casetify

Those who want to protect their iPhone a little in style can do so excellently with Casetify’s new case. The company introduces the Inside Parts Impact Case, which gives you a unique look at your smartphone.

This is a case that puts your iPhone in the bare bones. No screw or internal part remains secret.

iPhone in the bare butt thanks to Casetify

Anyone who wants to protect their phone properly and look cool can go for this new case from Casetify. The company is known for the ‘military-grade’ protection it gives to its products. The gitech technology ensures that smartphones can easily fall from a height of two meters to the ground. We have not tested this in practice, so we have to take the company’s word for it.

The Inside Part Impact iPhone Case looks nice, but it is not accurate for the iPhone 13 Pro. Certain parts, like the battery, are a bit outdated. It’s not a big deal, but your smartphone is already equipped with an l-shaped battery in anno 2022, for example. For the true fan perhaps a pity, but in general not such a big problem.

iPhone 13 Pro caseThe new case (Image: Casetify)

It is possible to decide on the appearance of the sides of the case. For example, you can choose what color you want and determine the transparency.

It may cost something

The new case for the iPhone is available for many different models. You can choose to feature the current flagship series or give your old iPhone 7 (Plus) a makeover. Incidentally, that is the oldest model for which the case is available.

As mentioned, there are many different variants of the case available. The cheapest is €47 and the most expensive version is €70. Not extremely expensive for a case, but certainly not cheap either.