Potsy these are not the AirPods Pro but Honors new

Potsy: these are not the AirPods Pro, but Honor’s new earbuds!

You have companies that take cautious inspiration from competitors and you have companies that really make no bones about it. That Honor, with its new Earbuds 3, belongs to the latter category should be obvious. A new version of the AirPods Pro is here!

At Mobile World Congress 2022, Honor unveiled the new Earbuds 3. This, by the way, creates enthusiasm among our editors, as we have long believed that the AirPods Pro deserved a black color option. Today is the day!

The new Honor Earbuds 3

The Honor Earbuds 3 are the new earbuds from the former Huawei subsidiary. They are True Wireless In-Ear earbuds that are armed with the consumer’s favorite feature: active noise-cancellation. The Chinese company tackles it in that area as we would like to see it and introduces four different modes in which that feature can operate. Active noise cancellation can be used in Ultra Mode for total silence, Cozy Mode for some suppression, General Mode for the best of both worlds and Call Noise AI for optimizing your phone calls.

The earbuds have a battery life of 24 hours (including box battery) and recharge enough for two hours of use within five minutes. Perhaps the most notable functionality is the AI Temperature Monitoring, which keeps a close eye on the user’s body temperature.

The AirPods

It is currently unknown when the Honor Earbuds 3 will appear on the market and how much money they will cost.

Apple AirPods Pro, but then… different?

Those who are not at home in the audio market and see the Honor Earbuds 3 for the first time will no doubt be excited about the earbuds. As such, the specifications are certainly not wrong, but the design is something that bothers. Not because of the fact that the earbuds resemble the work of others (we see that more often), but purely because of the fact that this is a direct copy. Anyone who has ever seen Apple’s AirPods Pro will immediately know what I mean.

Potsy these are not the AirPods Pro but Honors newNow also in black! (Image: Honor)

The earbuds are extremely similar to the Apple AirPods Pro. Yes, there are a few things slightly different, but overall we can easily speak of a copy. The great thing about this is that anyone who has missed out on a black color option for Apple’s earbuds can now finally make the choice. Whether that’s the right motive to actually get them in the house, I’ll leave in the middle for now.

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