Private investigators may retire due to new Tinder functionality

Private investigators may retire due to new Tinder functionality

Tinder users in the United States can now run a background check to see if their dates have anything on their minds. This is done through a partnership with the non-profit organization Garbo. That organization conducts online background checks. However, you don’t get to see everything about such a person.

When you look up a Tinder date through Garbo in the US, you only get to see information related to your safety. Certain things don’t come to light. Think about info related to drug possession or addresses and phone numbers. By the way, users have access to two free checks.

Tinder dates check for behavior

Running background checks on Tinder costs money next. You pay $2.50, plus some processing fees. With that, you’re not just boning up the dating app, as some of the money goes to Garbo. It’s a nonprofit, but the lights should still be able to be turned back on every morning.

When you look up another Tinder user, you need that person’s name and phone number. If that doesn’t yield anything, you can also use someone’s age. If you come across someone who has committed violent crimes in the past, you can report that person directly to the app.

And what if you really don’t see anything?

You may not come across anything about a Tinder date while running a check. Parent company Match Group says in that regard that this does not guarantee your safety and that you should still be careful. The company previously released some tips on meeting new people.

Furthermore, Match Group announces that it has partnered with the National Domestic Violence Hotline. This allows Tinder users to contact trained advocates. This can be helpful when someone is looking for information about healthy relationships or about abuse that occurs more than once in relationships.