Reddit for iOS makes it easier to discover new content

Reddit for iOS makes it easier to discover new content

Reddit today unveiled a new feature for its iOS app. It involves a Discover page that allows users to more easily discover new content and communities.

At the time of writing, the new functionality has already been rolled out. So people with the Reddit app on their iPhone or iPad can expect the new page today.

Discover new content with Reddit

Reddit already has a lot of useful features to offer users, but finding new communities and content easily could be made more accessible. Fortunately, the team behind the application seems to think exactly the same way. So, just like platforms like Instagram, Reddit is now introducing Discover page in its app. This makes it easier to find new posts, photos, videos and communities. Of course, all completely based on your (previous) interests.

In addition to the introduction of the new Discover page, Reddit is also introducing Community and Profile Drawers. These are places within the iOS app where users can more easily customize their profile or community. In addition, these are also the places where you can get more information about the communities you already follow so far.

Reddit DiscoveryA new tab for the app (Image: Reddit)

More information, more clarity and easier discovery of new content: that’s what the update for Reddit is all about. You can download the update directly or, if you haven’t already, get the platform via this link.

More apps with Promotion

The release notes of the Reddit update do not yet mention the addition of ProMotion. Since the new iPhone 13 Pro (Max) takes advantage of the feature, only Apple’s apps have been able to fully utilize the feature. Fortunately, Apple announced a while ago that this is going to change. Starting with iOS 15.4, the new operating system that is now in beta, third-party developers will also be able to get started with 120Hz.

Want to know more about that functionality or iOS 15.4? Then be sure to read the article above.

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