Rhythmic navigation thanks to Wazes Apple Music integration

Rhythmic navigation thanks to Waze’s Apple Music integration

Five years after Spotify could count on support, Waze is finally getting Apple Music integration. So now users of the streaming service can finally listen to their favorite content within the navigation app.

Waze, which is owned by Google, announced the addition of Apple Music itself today via Twitter.

Apple Music finally available in Waze

Navigation app Waze has its own built-in audio player. Until now, this was connectable to Spotify, but not yet to Apple Music. A recent update now makes this possible. This is nice, because it means users no longer have to switch applications while driving. You can simply control your music from the navigation app, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road.

Waze announces the support for Apple Music today itself. Via Twitter, the company shared a video explaining the full integration.

Twitter won’t load because you didn’t give permission.

.@AppleMusic is now available on Waze: https://t.co/2pbwA7gSoN pic.twitter.com/VRw0OkaulM

– waze (@waze) May 24, 2022

Users can use Apple Music’s entire library in Waze. In addition to the 90 million songs, it is also possible to use the streaming service’s radio function, for example. The support, as we understand it from the company, is only available to consumers with an iPhone.

This is how to connect quickly

Waze is able to recognize streaming services on your smartphone by itself. In the navigation app, a white music note pops up, which you can then click on. This opens the audio player. Can’t manage this? Then you can also manually link Apple Music to the application. You do this as follows:

In Waze, press My Waze
Go to Settings via the little cog in the upper left corner
Then choose Audio player
Check the Show on map option

Waze iOS Apple MusicTurn Tone on Map to green (Image: Apple / Edit: OMT)

So as soon as you navigate you’ll get to see a music icon. Once you press this icon you will be shown the available streaming services (from your iPhone). Press Apple Music, accept the access to your media library and you are ready to go!

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