Samsung schlagt Apple bei der Einfuhrung des kabellosen Ladens

Samsung beats Apple and introduces full wireless charging

Despite the fact that Apple has been trying for some time, Cupertino has not yet managed to develop a fully wireless charging technology. Something that Samsung has clearly managed to do. Only it is used differently than you might expect.

At CES 2022, the world’s largest technology trade show, Samsung is introducing a brand new remote control. Might not sound very exciting, but it really is.

Samsung introduces full wireless charging

I’ve been excited about many things in my life, but a remote control wasn’t one of them until now. Samsung’s new charging technology will only change that. The company is showing the new Eco Remote at CES 2022. Last year, we were first introduced to the groundbreaking remote, although the groundbreaking was still quite limited to discover at the time. Instead of AAA batteries, that model used a lithium-ion battery that could be charged by means of solar energy. Nice thought, but not as cool as the next step.

That next step saw the light of day at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show. Samsung showed off the updated Eco Remote that uses a wireless charging technology. One that is actually wireless and works via WiFi signals. These come from today’s routers and therefore do not require a new modem. This is something that really puts the future in Samsung’s hands.

Samsung schlagt Apple bei der Einfuhrung des kabellosen LadensThe remote control. (Image: Samsung)

Although, of course, there are still quite a few steps to be taken. A remote control is a small device with a limited battery. So there are still quite a few steps to be taken before you can charge smartphones, tablets and laptops in this way. But let’s be honest: it’s very cool to see that we are getting closer.

A glimpse of the future at CES 2022

It’s the week of the Consumer Electronics Show 2022, better known as the CES 2022. This week, we get a behind-the-scenes look at companies and learn about the future of technology. Samsung is showing off a lot more besides the remote control above, which is mostly about its wireless charging technology. Last night, it unveiled its new Galaxy S21 Fan Edition smartphone and the company is launching a new gaming hub. This makes it possible to play games, without the need for a console.

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