Samsung gives you longer warranty on your new smart TV

Samsung gives you longer warranty on your new smart TV

Are you planning to buy a new smart TV? If so, Samsung will give you a hefty extra time warranty.

Of course, you hope that a device you buy never breaks down, but sometimes it can unfortunately happen. It’s pretty sour when it happens just after the warranty has expired. With Samsung, that chance has been reduced a lot.

Normally the factory warranty for electronics in the Netherlands lasts two years as standard, but the legal warranty applies longer, although it depends on how long a product has been used. Samsung now makes it a bit less of a hassle with a smart TV.

Samsung gives you extra warranty on smart TVs

Most electronics manufacturers in the Netherlands give you a standard two-year manufacturer’s warranty, although there are companies that try to rip you off after just one year. Samsung is not going to do that with its new smart TVs in the Benelux.

With smart TVs, Samsung had a policy of giving a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. With its 2024 televisions, it will add three years to that. So that means you have a five-year manufacturer’s warranty with those models anyway.

Samsung gives you longer warranty on your new smart TV (Image: Samsung)

With that extra warranty, it wants to give customers the peace of mind that they don’t have to worry about their product breaking down. If it does happen (and it’s not your fault), Samsung will repair your smart TV.

You have more warranty than you think

You may not know it, but often you are entitled to a warranty longer than the two years you usually have. That’s because in the Netherlands we also have a legal warranty. You are entitled to a good product during the lifetime of a gadget.

The lifespan of a refrigerator, for example, is longer than that of headphones, for example. As a result, you are entitled to a properly functioning product even after the one- or two-year warranty period. You can also expect a smart TV to last longer than two years. Especially if it is from a brand such as Samsung, LG or Sony.

So if the manufacturer or store tries to fob you off by saying that you no longer have warranty on a particular product, you should not go along with that. However, you must be able to prove that a product’s defect is not your fault.


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This is why it doesn’t pay to buy additional warranty with some products. You are spending money on something you are actually entitled to for free. It is a good idea to check the terms and conditions. Still, it is nice that Samsung offers this warranty on its smart TVs anyway. That at least saves you a lot of work if a company doesn’t want to cooperate.

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