Samsung is coming out with the Galaxy Ring but what

Samsung is coming out with the Galaxy Ring, but what exactly can it do?

Those who thought that with smartwatches and XR headsets everything in terms of wearables was made, are wrong. Samsung is coming soon with a Galaxy Ring, but what exactly can you do with it and is it really necessary?

During Galaxy Unpacked, everyone was expecting the new Samsung Galaxy S24 line. It came, but at the end of the event there was another special surprise, or as Apple would put it: one more thing. Well, actually one more ring.

Samsung gave a teaser of the Galaxy Ring. The company did not reveal many details yet, but it now confirms previous rumors of a smart ring from Samsung.

This is the Samsung Galaxy Ring

We had to make do with a brief visual of Samsung’s new ring. Because of the dark video, we can’t even see all of the look yet either. However, a few things were already clear. For example, a number of sensors were visible on the inside.

Samsung itself describes the Galaxy Ring as a “powerful and accessible health and wellness gadget.” So that was all the company said. So exactly what features it supports, when it comes out and what the price will be are all still unknown.

Samsung Galaxy Ring a big mystery despite announcementA ring shrouded in mystery. (Image: Samsung)

What can you do with it?

Still, there are some features we can already predict right now. For example, it is very obvious that this ring will also get AI features to map your health even better. In addition, you will simply see the information collected by the Samsung Galaxy Ring on your Galaxy S24 or an older model.

To discover more features of the Samsung Galaxy Ring, we will have to look at the Galaxy Watch 6. Probably then this gadget will also support new sleep tracking features that have been announced.

Still, a smart ring is not entirely new. Several tech companies already have one on the market, such as Oura. That company already released the third generation of the gadget in 2022. Still, with Samsung there now seems to be the first really big player entering that market, so it will be very interesting to see which way it goes. But anyway, with so little information it is still just guessing. To be continued, no doubt.

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