Silent acquisition points to long awaited headphones from Sonos

Silent acquisition points to long-awaited headphones from Sonos

Sonos we know from their wide range of speakers. There is something for every audiophile, except if you want to listen on your own. However, this seems to be about to change. It seems that Sonos is working on its own headphones.

There are several indications that point to the arrival of a Sonos headphone. For this, we first have to go back to 2021. In that year, Sonos acquired the T2 software company. This acquisition wasn’t made public and therefore stayed under the radar. However, thanks to Protocol, we now know that T2 has indeed become part of Sonos.

Sonos seems to be making work of headphones

T2 Software is an American startup founded by a former Qualcomm employee. The company’s main focus is the implementation of new Bluetooth technologies. At the time the acquisition was completed, T2 was working on Bluetooth LC3. This audio codec was presented in 2020 and is particularly interesting for headphones.

Sonos headphonesThe Sonos headphones that surfaced in a patent application (Image: USPTO)

The advantage of this codec is that it is well suited for audio operating via Bluetooth low energy. Unlike current codecs in Bluetooth devices, LC3 can enable high sound quality at a much lower bit rate. So, according to T2 Software, you can use this codec to increase the sound quality, and at the same time reduce the power consumption.

New Bluetooth codec and patent application

Another reason this codec is interesting for headphones is that it can broadcast to multiple devices. For example, it is possible to use Bluetooth to control multiple headphones simultaneously from a single source. Sonos’ current speakers also do this, but via WiFi.

According to Protocol, the purchase of T2 Software is the next step towards the release of Sonos headphones. The unveiling of this product has been talked about for several years, according to Tweakers. The first rumors appeared in 2019 and a year later the headphones surfaced in this patent application from Sonos.

Sonos comes up with new product category

That Sonos will soon be coming out with new products seems at least a certainty. The company’s marketing chief has revealed that they are working on introducing their “most ambitious projects ever. According to insiders, this will involve a new product category. Given all the other developments, headphones seem the obvious choice. Whether this is really the case, time will tell.

Incidentally, besides and headphones, Sonos seems to have other new products in the pipeline. One of them was already accidentally confirmed at the end of last year.