1668908096 Sonos has success with speakers but wont stop there

Sonos has success with speakers, but won’t stop there

Don’t be surprised if you start seeing the Sonos name in many more areas in the coming years. Patrick Spence, the audio company’s CEO, has expressed to shareholders that he sees a bright future for his company.

According to the top executive, Sonos is ready to take bigger steps and plans to operate in more categories in the coming years. The first of which we will encounter as early as 2023.

Sonos wants more: new products on the way

Sonos has long known how to dominate the audio market with its speakers, but has always stopped there until now. So that’s about to change starting in 2023.

CEO Patrick Spence reveals that the company needs to establish itself in four new product categories. Exactly which ones we do not know at this time, but more clarity on that will come next year.

Sonos Sub Mini, Sonos, Subwoofer(Image: Sonos)

It does, as Tweakers’ editors point out, tie in with rumors we’ve been hearing for years. Since 2019, for example, there has already been the sound that Sonos would be working on a real headphone.

Something that, given the success of its speakers, would be a logical next step. The same, of course, applies to earbuds that could, for example, take on Apple’s AirPods.

Raising the bar

If Patrick Spence is to be believed, Sonos is going to raise its bar in the coming years. It will do so not only with the introduction of new products in new markets, but also with the existing equipment that the company offers. American website The Verge previously revealed that the company would be working on a new premium speaker.

Sonos also revealed to investors, by the way, how the company is doing financially. Wondering what exactly that picture looks like? Then we lovingly refer you to the message from the company itself.

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