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Sonos’ only wireless turntable is now on sale in the Netherlands

If you want to stream music from your record player to your Sonos you have a problem, since it can’t connect. Victrola has solved that problem. The special turntable was already available in the US and now it’s the Netherlands’ turn.

Victrola is a renowned brand in the music world. The company makes different types of turntables. Unlike all competitors, the Victrola Stream Carbon is the only one that can wirelessly connect to Sonos devices. Now it is in the Netherlands.

Now play your records wirelessly on your Sonos Speakers

The Victrola Stream Carbon is not entirely new. The device was already released last fall in the United States. Now it is also our turn in our own little country, as the device can be found on

You could of course already connect your turntable with a cable to your Sonos system, but now wireless connection is also possible. If you still prefer to connect a cable, you can still do so, as the Victrola Stream Carbon simply has a jack for that.

Victrola Stream Carbon offers more just a connection

Of course it is very nice that you can connect the Victrola Stream Carbon with Sonos, but the device has many more features. The special Premium Ortofon 2M red cartridge provides good sound where you choose from two speeds.

In addition, this unit also has a premium look due to the MDF plinth and special metal turntable components. The illuminated control knob makes it easy to operate the turntable.

The real eye-catcher is the special tone arm made of carbon fiber. It is custom designed and the counterweight is easily adjustable. So you really listen to music through your Sonos speakers in style.

In the United States the Victrola Stream Carbon costs 799 euros, but in Europe we pay considerably more. On you can order it for 989 euros. That the price is a bit higher here is logical, because you have to deal with taxes, among other things.

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