1675829359 Sonos soon answers HomePod with two new speakers

Sonos soon answers HomePod with two new speakers

Sonos makes arguably the best speakers in the home. Soon you’ll have even more to choose from, as the audio company is now coming out with the Era line, the smart speaker with which it aims to compete with Apple’s HomePod.

Apple came out with the HomePod last week. Apple’s high-end smart speaker that has more to offer than the mini. Sonos is now opening the attack right away, as the HomePod gets competition from the company. Sonos is coming out with the Era 100 and Era 300, reports The Verge.

Sonos comes out with new models

Still, you’ll have to wait a while for Sonos’ “HomePod-killer,” as it’s not coming out just yet. The speakers previously codenamed Optimo and Optimo 2 should appear in a few months, according to the medium.

The Sonos Era 100 and 300 will have a completely new design. Thus, they do not resemble previous Sonos models. Moreover, they should be able to play the best sound yet. Not much is known about the speakers yet, but we do know a bit about the 300. For example, it will support spatial audio and Dolby Atmos. In contrast, the HomePod does not.

By the way, the two are not the only speakers Sonos is currently working on. The brand is also coming out with a second generation of the Move. The first one dates back to 2019, so the company thinks it’s time for innovation.

apple homepodSmart and beautiful beast. (Image: Apple)

Era 300 or the HomePod after all?

While it makes sense to immediately compare the Sonos Era line to Apple’s HomePod, it’s mainly the price that’s going to make the big difference. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know how much the Era 100 and 300 will cost, but they probably won’t be much cheaper.

So it pays well to think about exactly what you want. If you’re just looking for a smart high-end speaker with hi-fi audio that supports your Apple products, then the HomePod is your best friend. If you want one that supports Dolby Atmos and also plan to expand your Sonos audio setup later, then you’re better off going for the Era.

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