Spotify for iPhone finally takes full advantage of iOS 16

Spotify for iPhone finally takes full advantage of iOS 16

Popular streaming service Spotify, months after its launch, finally comes with proper support for iOS 16. As a result, consumers with iPhones are now using the application to its full potential via the updated home screen.

It’s about time, because since the arrival of iOS 16, Spotify lagged behind in terms of functionality. It quickly made sure the iPhone app functioned with the Dynamic Island and that’s basically where it stopped. Version 8.8.26 is now available and thus changes that.

Spotify drops iOS 16 support iPhone

So from now on, the new version of Spotify supports iOS 16 home screen widgets. Through this path, it is easy for iPhone and iPad users to arrange music from the lock screen.

Those who equip their iPhone’s screen with the widget can instantly enjoy a variety of music. For example, the shortcut opens recently played artists, playlists, albums or your favorite podcast. And that, of course, is the Freakin’ Nerds podcast we make for you. 😉

Spotify and Apple: a complicated relationship

Spotify is late in rolling out its iOS 16 widget. Especially compared to the competition, it feels a bit like mustard after the meal. Though we understand, given its relationship with Apple, that support for the widget was not high on the priority list.

Spotify and Apple certainly go through the same door, but they do have a complicated relationship. While on the one hand there is excellent cooperation for the development of CarPlay support and an Apple Watch app, the two are also sometimes diametrically opposed.

The long road to Spotify HiFi: why Apple Music played a big role🎵 (Image: Fath)

For example, the streaming service accuses Apple of monopolistic behavior and even appears to be winning a lawsuit in Europe. Not the very best of friends, in other words.

Installing widgets on your iPhone

Fortunately, Spotify has now gotten around to taking full advantage of the iPhone. Subscribers to the streaming service thus put the handy widget on their smartphone running iOS 16 with the new update.

Setting up and adding such a widget is actually quite easy. We’ll explain it to you step by step:

Hold down the access screen on an empty spot
Then press Customize
Select Access screen
Below the time you will see a plus sign with ADD WIDGETS
Select the option and choose Spotify
Find the ideal widget for your home screen and voila!

As was previously possible with Apple Music and Tidal, so now you can control Spotify from the first screen you see. Nice touch!

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