Spotify makes it easy to start your own podcast

That Spotify is fiercely committed to podcasts is no secret. But the company remains big fans of the concept and wants to open up the platform to everyone. For now, this only applies to those living in New Zealand. There, the music streaming service is testing the option for publishing its own podcasts.

Recording and publishing podcasts just goes through Spotify’s normal app. People outside New Zealand have to do that with a detour. If you want to publish a podcast on the platform in the Netherlands, you need third-party tools for that. You even have a specific app for it, which podcasters know as Anchor.

Spotify tests handy feature in app

Now the idea is that you won’t need a separate app to record and publish your own podcast. Spotify wants to integrate those functions into the app, which will make publishing podcasts closer to more people. Because if there’s one thing we need in podcasting, it’s more podcasts.

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Ever had an idea that was too good not to be shared? Now you can share it and have your voice on Spotify, in minutes.

– Spotify New Zealand (@SpotifyNZ) June 16, 2022

So at the time of writing, the new features are only available in New Zealand. Still, we can all take a peek at how the options work. Spotify New Zealand’s Twitter profile published a short video explaining and demonstrating the options. You can see it above.

Adding your own podcast

Within Spotify’s app, you’ll see a plus button. When you click on that, you’ll see a new feature called Record Podcast. You can record your own podcast all at once or in multiple takes. After recording, you get access to all kinds of tools, which you use to cut, paste, and of course, trim.

You can also add background music, name your podcast and add your own image. Then you can share your creation with the rest of the world. Unfortunately, at the time of writing we don’t know when the options will be available to everyone.

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