1645213483 Spotify paid this bizarre amount for Joe Rogans rights

Spotify paid this bizarre amount for Joe Rogan’s rights

Joe Rogan has an exclusive podcast on Spotify these days. And the audio streaming service has paid handsomely for that. Earlier, an amount leaked out about the deal was already considerably on the high side. But what does research now show? The company paid double for the exclusivity.

It turns out that Spotify paid not one hundred, but two hundred million dollars for the rights to the Joe Rogan Experience. The moment this news breaks is striking, to say the least. Indeed, many users, musicians and advertisers are falling over the fact that Rogan has his podcast on this platform.

Spotify reached deep into its pockets

Joe Rogan is a controversial podcaster. For example, the man spread disinformation about covid-19 and vaccinations, by allowing people to speak who were allowed to say what they want without a rebuttal. As a result, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, among others, decided to remove their entire catalog from the streaming service.

Since the problems with the Joe Rogan Experience, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has issued several statements. Ek refuses to moderate Rogan and his content and continually points to the platform’s policies and rules. Those rules were only recently made public and are now available for all to see.

Spotify for M1 MacsSpotify for M1 Macs (Image: Spotify / Edit:OMT)

Not the only controversy

However, spreading disinformation is not the only problem with Rogan. In fact, the podcast maker is featured in a viral video in which he can be seen using the n-word several times. Subsequently, seventy podcast episodes mysteriously disappeared from Spotify for no reason.

Rogan did later apologize for using the word and making a racist joke. Spotify never publicly responded to this. However, a leaked memo revealed that Ek had spoken to Rogan and his team, which means the episodes are now unlistenable.