Spotify soon provides iOS app with brand new home screen

Spotify soon provides iOS app with brand new home screen

If you use Spotify on your iPhone, the app will soon look different. It should ensure that everything is even clearer and that you discover new content more easily. So don’t be alarmed when you open the app.

If you love music like I do, you’ll recognize it: everywhere you turn on Spotify. Whether it’s the gym, car or just in your house. Most often I do this with my iPhone. AirPods in and sing along very out of tune. Just that version of Spotify is going to look different now.

Spotify revamps home screen

This week Spotify is coming out with a revamped app on iOS. The streaming service reports this in a blog. Spotify is sure listeners will find it a good improvement. But is it?

Right now, Android users are getting a new home screen and then it’s iPhone owners’ turn. At the very top there will be a menu with music and podcasts. If you click on either of these you’ll be shown a feed with the relevant content. This way you can vertically swipe to something that suits you.

Spotify HomeA new home. (Image: Spotify)

Music and podcasts in a new format

In the music feed, users get listening suggestions. Useful if you want to discover new artists and songs. This will also include recommended albums and playlists that you don’t follow yet.

The podcast feed immediately leads you to new episodes of your favorite shows. In addition, recommendations can also be found there. You can also read the description of an episode in the menu. That way you’ll know whether it’s better to skip it or not. From the menu you can also easily save them.

This is not the only change Spotify is implementing. Last week it was already announced that the play button and shuffle function will be separated. That will make for less hassle. You can read all about it in this article.

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