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Spotify warns users: don’t install watchOS 9 on your smartwatch

Since last week it is possible to update your Apple Watch, from Series 4 onwards, to watchOS 9. The software offers consumers a lot of new features and improvements. Sounds positive, but Spotify still advises against the update.

Do you regularly stream music via Spotify to or from your Apple Watch? If so, you might want to hold off on the new update for a while longer.

Spotify advises against watchOS 9 for your Apple Watch

Those who have watchOS 9 installed and are using Spotify will have noticed in recent days that things are not going as smoothly as they normally do. Namely, the new software for the Apple Watch carries a bug that makes streaming music practically impossible. At least that’s what Spotify itself let us know in an email to users (via MacRumors).

It is possible to pair audio devices, such as your AirPods, with your Watch. You can then stream music from your smartwatch to those devices, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music without a phone nearby. With the GPS variant of the Apple Watch, this can only be done with an active WiFi connection; with the Celullar variant, it can be done anywhere.

Spotify Apple Watch download 002(Screenshots: OMT/Raymon Mens)

There are no problems with the iPhone, by the way. Controlling the Spotify app from your smartwatch, once music is played from an iPhone, is still possible.

Update anyway? Here’s how to do it

Don’t use Spotify and want to use all the new watchOS 9 features on your Apple Watch? Then, of course, it’s smart to update your smartwatch with new software. After all, there are a few things, such as the power saving mode, that really make the software worthwhile. For example, we tell you in this article.

No idea how to update your Apple Watch with the new operating system? No worries, in the article below we explain exactly how to do it.

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