Spotify will soon change the way you listen to music

Spotify will soon change the way you listen to music

Spotify will soon be making a significant change to its Android and iOS apps that will make you listen to your music differently. Within the apps, you will now often be required to listen to a playlist via the shuffle feature. After turning on a list, you can turn off shuffle – but that’s just hassle.

Spotify itself apparently knows this too. That’s why the company presents the great idea to separate the play button and the shuffle function within the Android and iOS apps. That way you don’t have to first turn on a list, turn off shuffle, and start the list from scratch again. How to make it up!!!

Spotify app gets one more button

So the Spotify app is getting a separate button added, as you can see in the image above. That button will appear in the coming weeks only for paying customers. If you do not have a Premium subscription to the streaming service, you will still have to perform those extra actions before you can listen.

Remarkably, the desktop version of the Spotify app does not suffer from anything. There you can just play a playlist in the right order, without having to fiddle with the shuffle function first. This is partly due to complaints from the music industry, including singer Adele.

‘Our art tells a story’

Adele filed a complaint a good while back about the choice that you can only play playlists via shuffle. So that’s why the PC version no longer has that feature by default. “We don’t just create our albums and song order without thinking about it. Our art tells a story and our stories should be listened to the way we intended them to be.”

So the new buttons will appear on Android and iOS in the coming weeks and you’ll find them above the playlists. This way, as a user, you have complete control. Do you prefer to listen in the existing order? Great. Do you like chaos and would rather see the world burn? Then just press the other button.

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