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Spotify yearns for audiobooks, but Apple puts a stop to it

Spotify and Apple are having a beef once again. The Cupertino-based company recently blocked three app updates for the service’s app, which is obviously incredibly irritating if you just want to get on with your business. This is just another step in the battle over the design of the App Store, which Apple is not backing down from.

Apple and Spotify have been at odds for years over App Store rules and guidelines. Meanwhile, apps like the streaming service already have an exemption position in the download store, but that has not removed the restrictions. This is evident now that the company is trying to sell audiobooks through its app.

Spotify wants to sell audiobooks

And if you sell something through the App Store, Apple wants a share of the revenue. Selling parties want to prevent that (they find it ridiculous), so they try to redirect consumers to external websites. And that, in turn, Apple wants to stop, since such practices eat into sales.

Spotify NFTSpotify on your iPad (Image: Unsplash / Heidi Fin)

In this case, Spotify wanted to add a button to its own app. Through that button, consumers could receive an email containing a link to a website to make a payment. You would think that with modern technologies we could put that kind of detour behind us, but money once again throws a spanner in the works.

Against the guidelines

Apple believes such buttons are against App Store guidelines. Spotify may email users from within itself, but may not provide users with a button that allows them to sign up in person. It’s also just what you can care about as a company and platform owner.

Spotify now seems to have given up this battle and tell users that they cannot purchase audiobooks from the App Store. The payment process is “not ideal.” Apples response to the situation is that it has “nothing against audiobooks,” but “Spotify should not circumvent the rules by encouraging people to make a purchase outside the App Store.”

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