Strava solves runners big problem with new feature

Strava solves runner’s big problem with new feature

If you often run outdoors, then you know that sometimes you have to deal with high distress. And then? Strava can help you with that. Of course, you can do a quick google search to see if there’s a public restroom nearby. But if you can do this from the same app you’re using anyway, that’s just a bit more convenient.

Strava wants to start helping runners by adding “points of interest” to the app. The points of interest on the map are all added by the community. This should make not only running, but also cycling and just walking more attractive. The hotspots can be anything, by the way.

Strava introduces interesting locations

Think toilets, but also water fountains, bike stores, cafes, photo spots and more. Outdoor enthusiasts will thus get a much better idea of their surroundings. And it might also help them determine a fine starting point and determine a route. So it’s an interesting addition in more ways than one.

Strava Apple WatchStrava on the Apple Watch (Image: Strava)

Anyone with the app on their smartphone can see the points of interest listed. And with a subscription in your pocket, it’s also possible to determine a route that goes past all sorts of points of interest. You use the Routebuilder tool on the website to do this. You can also arrange this via the Maps tab within the application.

Handy feature for outdoor enthusiasts

So using the points of interest is pretty simple. The question is to what extent it is useful during sports. It’s not always nice to have to look at your phone while running or cycling. But it does make planning a route easier. And during a break, looking at where you can go, works just as well.

It is also good to see that providers of such tools are not sitting still and are offering more options. These include options related to hygiene, navigation and hospitality, but also safety. Sometimes you are more thirsty than you are carrying water, or you run up against limits – and then it is nice to know where you can refuel.