Sync all your smart devices using Google Home

Many Smart Home devices come with their own installation instructions and app that you use to control them. So if you use gadgets from different brands you have to switch between different apps a lot. Mega irritating right? Fortunately, you can solve this very easily with the help of Google Home.

Many smart home devices have built-in Google Assistant support and are easily controlled through the Google Home app. This means you can use just one app to manage all your gadgets. Even if they are all made by different manufacturers. We explain step by step how to get this done.

Good preparation is half the battle

Not every smart home device works with the Google Home app, but many of them do. This is almost always stated on the packaging. So if you’re looking for new gadgets, it’s important to read the product listing carefully first. If in doubt, I’m sure you’ll find out quickly on the manufacturer’s website. You can also try to scan the barcode.

Control everything from one app (Image: Signify)

Before diving into the Google Home app, the device in question must be set up. Do this with the help of the manufacturer’s instructions and the corresponding app. After the device is set up, it has a good connection to the Internet and any updates have been made. Your Smart Home acquisition is now ready to sync.

Here’s how to add a new device in the Google Home app

Follow this simple step-by-step plan and your new gadget will be synced in no time. If in doubt or for more detailed instructions, please contact Google’s help desk.

Go to the Google Home app.
Tap the + button in the top left corner and choose ‘set up device’.
Tap on ‘works with Google’.
A list of manufacturers will now appear. Select the one for your gadget.
Google Home scans the local network and will probably arrive at your device within seconds. Click on the name of your gadget and give it a recognizable name.
Confirm the choices made and your sync is complete!

This video shows you exactly which buttons to push

Controlling devices through Google Home

The different options that Google Home offers for your device will become visible when you select the device in the app. Don’t worry if Google Home doesn’t have all the options you see in the device’s own app. The most important features and settings should be present and you can still use the old app. Of course, it makes sense that the features will vary from device to device. For example, in the case of smart bulbs you can adjust the brightness and change the color, while with a smart thermostat you can control the temperature. In the beginning, the operation takes a little practice, but soon you can’t live without it.

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