1715784739 Tado makes heating Smart Home smarter with new lineup

Tado makes heating Smart Home smarter with new lineup

Tado is coming out with several new products for your Smart Home such as a smart thermostat and a radiator knob. The big advantage: they all work with Matter.

Tado is perhaps the best-known name besides Nest when it comes to heating in your Smart Home. It now comes out with the new X-Series, a new set to make your heating smart.

These smart products from Tado are all Matter-enabled via the Thread protocol. This should allow the devices to work even better with other brands’ Smart Home products.

Tado’s new Smart Home products.

The Tado X line is designed to replace traditional heating systems. In addition to a smart thermostat, the line also includes a temperature sensor, a heat pump optimizer and smart radiator knobs. There is also a special bridge that allows you to link all the devices.

Perhaps most interesting is the smart thermostat that works with most central heating boilers and heat pumps. This one is wired and has an LCD screen. It allows you to control not only classic heating systems, but also, for example, underfloor heating individually.

Tado presents new Smart Home products with MatterTado’s new products. (Image: Tado)

If you still have an older system, you can also use smart radiator knobs to turn your home into a Smart Home, instead of the classic dial. This allows you to control the temperature for each room. That temperature, in turn, is measured by the system with the wireless temperature sensor.

Tado uses the following prices for the products:

Smart Thermostat X – 134.99 euros

Smart Radiator knob X – 99.99 euros

Wireless Temperature Sensor X – 99.99 euros

Heat Pump Optimizer X – 249.99 euros

Bridge X – 69.99 euros

The Benefit of Matter

The big advantage of working with Matter is that the system can connect with Smart Home products from other brands. So you’re not stuck in Tado’s ecosystem.

In addition, Matter also just works with the Apple Home app and Google Home. So you can use any smartphone to control the system. Of course, you can also do that through the regular Tado app.


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In it you can also use all kinds of smart functions, such as turning off the heating automatically when everyone is out of the house, and get a notification, for example, when a window is open. This subscription for your Smart Home is called Tado Auto-Assist and will cost you 3.99 euros a month or 29.99 euros a year.

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