1671157300 Tesla comes up with the ideal reason to use Apple

Tesla comes up with the ideal reason to use Apple Music

Do you own a Tesla? Then you know extensive features of the infotainment system. Apple Music was missing, however, until now.

Tesla’s infotainment system is unprecedented. There are so many options that you never get bored of yourself. Not even in a traffic jam or in the parking lot. Still, there is always room for improvement. Apple Music was missing for a long time, but now the automaker is solving that problem.

Tesla with Apple Music

Tesla is coming out with the Holiday Update. And yes, while the electric car won’t fit under the Christmas tree, the automaker does have a very nice present. You now have even more options on the infotainment system. One of the finest is the addition of Apple Music.

Until now, you were condemned to Spotify. That app has been available in a Tesla for a while now. While that’s obviously a good streaming service, of course, more choice wouldn’t hurt. With Apple Music, of course, you also enjoy podcasts and music.

Still, the news is not entirely surprising. Earlier, an image of a Tesla with Apple Music was leaked. In the app, you scan a QR code with your iPhone. Then the system links your account after which you listen to delicious music.

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Apple Music now goes to 11 🔊

– Tesla (@Tesla) December 13, 2022

Even more options

Through the Apple Music app in your Tesla, you can also access your playlists and sync music from one device to another.

Unfortunately, it is still unknown if the car will also add Apple Music Sing. This lets you sing along with your favorite songs. If you are in the car with someone, you have your own carpool karaoke.

By the way, Apple Music is not the only new addition in Tesla’s entertainment system. Steam is also now available. So that means you can just play The Witcher and Elden Ring in your car. One tip: only do this when you’re parked!