Thanks to the RodeCaster Pro II your podcast or stream

Thanks to the RodeCaster Pro II, your podcast or stream starts off perfectly

The widely acclaimed RodeCaster is getting a successor. The RodeCaster Pro II is a complete hub and can do everything you need to set up a stream or podcast. It will appear on the market in a few weeks, but can be pre-ordered now. The price is about 650 euros, excluding Dutch VAT of 21 percent.

The big question is still whether this product will officially come to the Netherlands. For now, the release is only planned for the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. But nothing prevents you from simply importing the RodeCaster Pro II, stock permitting. It will benefit your podcast.

What can you do with this device for your podcast?

The RodeCaster Pro II lets you manage multiple audio sources for your podcast or stream from one place. The device offers several buttons and sliders for this purpose, as well as some rotary knobs. You can also see at a glance exactly how the volume of such an audio source is doing.

For this new model, Rode developed brand new Revolution Preamps. These allow microphones and line-ins to access higher volumes, without much noise. Under the hood is a quadcore engine, which processes the integrated effects and other digital signals. There is also a 5.5-inch touchscreen.

Manage all paired devices

That touchscreen offers haptic feedback and allows you to manage all paired devices. The device for your podcast or stream offers bluetooth support. This also allows you to call someone and add them to your show. There are also three USB-C ports; for power and pairing other devices.

Finally, on the back you’ll find four Neutrik jacks, for different types of microphones. You can also connect four headphones to it, so that everyone can hear what is being said during a podcast or stream. The device will be available on the market in mid-June, so you can make your move then.

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