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The App Store Pearls of the Week: TickTick, Clearspace, all on your iPhone

Each week at OneMoreThing, we highlight a few apps that wouldn’t look out of place on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. For your convenience, we list these App Store Pearls at the end of the week.

This week we again had some beautifully shiny gems fished out of the App Store for you. From creating checklists on your iPhone to learning about space travel, there was plenty to enjoy this week.

The App Store Pearls of Week 11 2023

Thanks to TickTick and Beedone, we were able to make several to-do lists on the iPhone this week. But if the social media usage becomes too much, apparently the best thing to do is to use Clearspace. Want to get a better grip on your monthly subscriptions? Then Bobby is for you. If you want to watch spaceships take off you can crank up T-Minus.

#1 TickTick for iPhone

The first App Store Pearl of the Week is a comprehensive app that lets you make to-do lists, create lists to get an overview and then see everything in a calendar. With features like notifications that go off at certain locations, TickTick is definitely worth a look.

TickTick, App Store PearlsTickTick also works well on Macbooks. (Image: TickTick)

#2 Clearspace

Social media has a big role in our lives. We can lose hours on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok (does it stay that way?) on our iPhone so it can also have effects on our mental health. Clearspace is designed to give you more control over how long you use these apps. With a few other handy features, Clearspace is highly recommended if you want to reduce your phone usage.

#3 Bobby

Bobby might yet become your best friend in navigating the world of streaming. On your iPhone, you probably have Netflix, Apple TV+ and Spotify, which costs money every month. To keep track of how much you’re spending per month, this App Store Pearl will help, though you’ll have to shell out a dollar to add more than 5 subscriptions.

Bobby sends you notifications when money is pulled from your account again, so you can quickly cancel subscriptions you don’t use. Pretty handy, right? Download the app here.

#4 T-Minus

Are you totally fascinated with space travel? Or do you just want to learn more about it? Then T-Minus is the perfect app for you. This iPhone app is packed with information about astronauts, spaceships and keeps track of all the companies like NASA and SpaceX when they shoot another rocket into space, so you’re always in the know. So launch your finger to the app soon!

T-MinusT-minus 5 minutes! (Image: T-Minus)

#5 Beedone for iPhone

With Beedone, like TickTick, you get to create to-do lists with extensive features. In contrast, this iPhone app turns your to-do list into a kind of video game with XP that you use to unlock new features. The app is, logically, available for download from the App Store. For more information, you can go here.

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